Baseboard Alignment Dowels


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A Pair of Baseboard alignment dowels inc screws

Layouts that are regularly put up and taken down, be they club or exhibition layouts need some system to ensure that adjacent baseboards come together in perfect alignment. It is essential that all boards align perfectly each time they are placed together in order to ensure that the tracks are also in perfect alignment both horizontally and vertically. A simple and effective way to achieve this is by way of Alignment Dowels. They are used in pairs and are attached to the end of each board. The dowels are round 25mm CNC machined steel male and female parts that come pre-drilled with three fixing holes per part.

Reccomended to be used with the Tee Nuts and M6x60 Bolts for connecting/fixing baseboards together

Brand: Carrs Modelling Products
Category: Baseboard Components
Product ID: C1191
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