NWM Goes Green!

A natural part of running a business is the waste that it can produce, within the model railway world a lot of the products that are available sadly are made from none recyclable plastics and other components. This of course includes many of the products that we sell, and of course includes the packaging that the items come in.

Previously, we have not had any real “Green” credentials, other than the small bits of recycling that we do with our suppliers boxes and reusing any packaging (such as bubble wrap) in the larger orders we recieve. However, its our intention to make changes for the better during 2022.

As such, we will be where possible trying the following:

  • To reduce the amount of new plastics within our packaging by using “paper based” Jiffy envelopes rather than the “bubble wrap” type.
  • To continue to reuse any packaging that comes to us from suppliers, inc Bubble wrap, foam and paper.
  • To ask our suppliers to use reusable or more eco friendly packaging when sending us products.
  • To source more products made from sustainable or recyclable materials

Whilst this small effort may not have an impact on a global scale, it will help reduce the amount of none recyclable parts to our business and the hobby. It is our hope that you will come along with us on this journey, by asking other model shops and manufacturers to make improvements for a more Green and Eco friendly future.

Of course we are open to suggestions on other ways we could improve our Green credentials, however, please remember that we do not manufacture any products ourselves.

About North Western Models


At North Western Models we believe that it’s the detail that brings a model railway to life.

North Western Models was established in 2015 by Kevin Colley and Christopher Gore as an online model shop based in Stockport, Cheshire. Initially dealing with high quality detailing accessories and kits, North Western Models prides itself in serving the model railway community to promote the notion that detailing helps to bring a model railway to life.

Kevin and Christopher have a lifelong passion with railways in general and also with model railways. Between them, they have planned, built and exhibited a number of layouts in 00 and N gauge at various local model shows. Kevin and Christopher regularly attend a number of exhibitions each year, either trading as North Western Models or with one of their layouts which is currently on the exhibition circuit.

Kevin Colley, North Western Models Co-founder
Kevin Colley, North Western Models Co-founder