What is the difference between DCC and DC model railway’s?

If your new to the hobby you have probably come across people talking about DCC and DC so you might be asking: “What is the difference between DCC and DC model railway’s?”

Basically DC and DCC is the difference between analogue and digital,

  • DC is the classic analogue model railway with no sounds or working lights in locomotives, this generally requires a fair bit more wiring for isolation sections of track and accessories etc.
  • DCC can be a fully digital system where everything is controlled from a digital controller, or even your smart phone via chips in the locomotives and accessories, this can include things like sound, working lights, remote signals and a whole host of other things.

Basic starter sets can be bought in either DC or DCC to help you get into the system you want to use. Plus there’s a vast and ever-growing network of specialist and knowledgeable people out there ready to help and guide you, no matter what system you use.

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At North Western Models we believe that it’s the detail that brings a model railway to life.

North Western Models was established in 2015 by Kevin Colley and Christopher Gore as an online model shop based in Stockport, Cheshire. Initially dealing with high quality detailing accessories and kits, North Western Models prides itself in serving the model railway community to promote the notion that detailing helps to bring a model railway to life.

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Kevin Colley, North Western Models Co-founder
Kevin Colley, North Western Models Co-founder