Lynton & Barnstaple – L&B 4 wheel Open Wagon (late type)


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Unlike the narrow gauge railways of North Wales, the L&B did not serve one particular industry and ways dependant on the general traffic of the area with coal being predominant.

This Kit is of the late type 4 wheel open wagon, meaning its side doors were side hung as opposed to the early type with top hung doors. These open coal wagons were rated at 4 tons loading capacity, and feature the same chassis as the other wagons and goods vans, being fitted with vacuum brakes and a hand brake lever on each side.

This pack contains enough parts to make up a single late type open wagon.

This kit will require 1 pack of the following BEMO type coupling, which can be found here: Stepped couplings (2 pack)

Brand: Dundas Models
Material: Plastic
Category: Narrow Gauge - OO9
Features: Metal wheels included and transfers
Product ID: DM15
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